Chromebook ARM in stock, convinces everyone

Last week Google unveiled a new Chromebook produced by Samsung, a model that has convinced everyone, users, and web editors. It is different from the previous because it uses a Dual ARM CPU (the long-awaited next-generation Exynos 5250) and because it only costs $ 249. Google calls it simply Chromebook Samsung, but the exact acronym is XE303C12. There is also a 3 g version, from 349 dollars.

Chromebook ARM in stock

Chromebook ARM in stock

Chromebook Samsung comes into stocks even as I write these lines, American and British stores. Come in the other countries of Europe in 2013. I’m still not real online reviews, more of the hands-on, in-depth, perhaps with the merits, defects and associated video. In the us have discovered that Netflix support is missing; the video streaming service has its own app for Chrome OS, but at this time not for ARM version (is coming a native client).


What convinces everyone, including myself, is the price/performance of this machine, the fact that it is entirely without fans and mechanical parts (silent operation), which enables multimedia playback smoothly (1080p @ 30 fps) and has everything you could want in terms of portability.

Chromebook ARM in stock

I quote the matte screen (bright but slightly colored SAP) and weight 1100 grams (just for an 11.6-inch) but also the chiclet keyboard Samsung and the enormous touchpad, both many appreciated in these early tests. USB 3.0 ports, HDMI 1.4 and SD reader, as well as the Google space 100 GB Drive offered for free for 2 years (after you go back to the classic 5 GB) do the rest.


Performance there is still a bit of mystery, because the chip Exynos 5250 (Cortex A15) is used for the first time on this Samsung Chromebook and because it is the first time we see a Chrome OS compiled production ARM. We talk to 12 tab opened without effort. Clearly we didn’t even deal with an Ivy Bridge removing hidden network adapter, but with that most approaches the idea of mobility while maintaining an affordable price. $ 249 for a Chromebook so are like $ 199 for a Nexus 7 — are an offer hard to beat, probably possible only to a name like Google (read: almost no profits).


We will be back when they complete the first reviews online, so you can have in his hand a few figures more accurate on autonomy and performance. Soon online videos should be hands-on and unbox user side. Under the hands-on video of cnet.
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