Thickens the yellow about two 10-inch tablet, ASUS Transformer Pad TF502 and Nexus 10, which some might also be the same device, produced by taiwanese giant and marketed it under their own brand with that of Google, as already happened in the past for the Nexus 7. It comes from a few days of the Transformer Pad TF502T but now its existence is official since the US FCC tested and certified device, publishing information and tests on his wireless component.
The mysterious tablet so far would be in imminent arrival, even if its characteristics are not known. All you can get from the site of the FCC is only that the device will have WiFi modules, Bluetooth, NFC and 6760 mAh battery. According to the rumor, since this is a cheaper version than the Transformer Pad TF701, might have a plastic shell, a Full HD display and Nvidia Tegra SoC 4, with a price tag of about 399 euros.


And it is precisely here that the mystery deepens, because other hypotheses Google would decide to entrust to ASUS’s successor Nexus 10, produced by Samsung. Since then it became known the existence of the Transformer Pad TF502 many have assumed it to be the same device. In the past few hours for example on Twitter, was posted the photograph of a price list, showing the words Google ASUS Nexus 10. If the source proves so trusted would be confirmation that the two devices are actually just one.
The problem however is that the new Nexus 10 should have still other technical characteristics compared to ASUS tablet, with probably at least display 2560 x 1600 pixels and 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, flanked by at least 2 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of storage space, while the operating system should be Google Android 4.4 KitKat. The price seems very far, because the source spoke of £ 349.99, about 562 u.s. dollars, much higher than then not only to that alleged for the Transformer Pad TF502 but also to that of the Nexus 10 last year.
So when everything is very uncertain. It seems really unlikely that ASUS produces two tablets, one for himself and the other exclusively for Google, at the same time, however, hardly the Transformer Pad TF502 can never have the technical characteristics are attributed to the next Nexus 10, nor vice versa it might be technically inferior to its predecessor.
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