The ASUS G750JZ presented at CES, which we present here pictures and videos, is the new version of the ASUS model G750 seen in early June at Computex Taipei, which introduces some significant improvements. In fact, the current lineup includes three variants, G750JW, G750JX, and G750JH, all though equipped with Nvidia GeForce series GPU 700m.

The taiwanese company instead in the new ASUS G750JZ adopted the top range GeForce GTX 880 m. The latter know very little but it seems that is not based on the new core Maxwell nor the current Kepler, but that is yet another rebranding, particularly last year’s model GeForce GTX 780M in turn rebranding of GeForce GTX 680M: the GeForce GTX 880m therefore would be based on core still. In any case, compared to the version of 700 m, the new GPU should be able to count on a higher clock rate and a larger amount of memory, equal to 4 GB or even 8 GB, two characteristics that should ensure an increase in performance.


Returns the previous frame, aluminum alloy with angular and aggressive lines, LCD Full HD 17.3 inch, type optical drive Blu-ray or DVD, different USB ports 3.0, a Thunderbolt, a digital video output HDMI and WiFi modules, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet LAN, as the hardware platform has been updated to the latest models of Intel Core i7 Haswelluntil you understand the powerful quad core i7-4700HQ. What’s new for storage, with the possibility of having two traditional hard drive 5400 7200 RPM or, in the first case, with total capacity of 3 TB, in the second of 2, or two SSD drives of up to 512 GB or a combination between hard drives and SSDS. The maximum amount of RAM is not changed, because it was already equal to 32 GB. – ALIENWARE 17 and 18 with NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 860 and 880m, AMD RADEON R9 M290X


ASUS G750JZ has already made its appearance in pre-order on Australian site, that offers the top range version (Core i7-4700HQ, GTX880M, 32 GB RAM, SSD 512 GB) for a price of 3,425 Australian dollars, or about us $ 3050.

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